12Olympian Gods / Olive Oil, PREMIUM

Like the Olive itself, drawn from history and myths, a muse of art, between words, poems, rhapsodies
and literary books, painted on canvases, an eternal pendulous symbol of victory, longevity, wisdom and beauty, born thousands of years ago, thus we were inspired to develop our unique early harvested fruits extract and pure it in a special packaging and a crystal that will preserve its richness of flavours for you to
taste the true «Liquid Gold».
So, you’ll be the one to know it…
You’ll have the opportunity to see the color, feel the texture, hear the sound of the flow, smell the aroma of
a traditionally processed extract, only touched by human hands, only for you to taste the «handmade» Perfection!
The Olympian Gods have offered us their best blessed goods and we generously hand them over to you!