Athena / Greek Olive Oil
Olive Tree and Greece
Have Common Origins

The poet and Nobel Prize winner Odysseus Elytis describes this bond eloquently by stating: “If you take Greece apart, in the end you will be left with an olive tree, a vineyard and a boat…which means that with these items you can rebuild Greece…”
Goddess Athena endowed the Athenians with the olive tree. The olive tree emerged when she stroke her spear upon the Acropolis rock. The Athenians honoured the goddess’s generosity by naming their city after her. They went on to replant plenty of olive trees around the Acropolis, trees they considered sacred. Consequently, the Greek people became the first to cultivate olives in the European and Mediterranean regions. From then on, they extended the farming of olives openhandedly among other peoples. As mentioned by the roman author Pliny: “in 580 BC neither Latium (Italy) nor Spain or Tunis (Tunisia) knew of the olive and its cultivation”.
Everyone acknowledges its value deriving from history and myths found in prose and poetry, rhapsodies and literary books, painted on canvas and paper, alluded to a thousand times over in songs, a muse of the arts. Born so many years ago, it has become a symbol of victory, longevity, wisdom and beauty. Yet, so few know how to really see the colour, feel the texture, listen to the flow, smell the aroma and taste the “Liquid Gold”.
A symbol of peace, prosperity, beauty and eternity, it was the only prize awarded to Olympic winners by the Greeks. It is integral to mythology, history, religion and art. The olive is the gift bestowed by both Gods and Nature to man. The first reported attempts to press and extract oil from the fruit occurred in Greece during the Bronze Age.
The “Liquid Gold” as sung by Homer, was a remedy used by Hippocrates. Authentic olive oil is distinguished by its place of origin and its features such as colour, aroma, texture, density and flavour.

What Makes “Athena Olive Oil”
Fit for Gods…

Athena Olive Oil, at your table, is pure extra virgin, superior quality, cold pressed and attentively grown.
It is produced in the stunning regions of Peloponnese and Crete, where the olive groves supply the Koroneiki variety, unrivalled in flavour and quality.
The olives are harvested at optimum ripeness, when violet in colour, with rakes. They are collected in plastic crates which are then kept in a shaded and well ventilated place until they are transported to the mill.
There, the fruit is crushed with mechanical methods, the first pressing being cold (below 270ο C). It is liquefied and is maintained in stainless steel tanks placed in ventilated spaces at low temperature. The oil mill is certified with ISO 9000, HASP.
We produce 12 OLYMPIAN GODS products with this process so that it may captivate your senses and become a good daily habit ensuring optimal health.
A staple of the mediterranean diet, an indispensable remedy, a measure for good health, a cultural element and artistic inspiration and so much more, the olive that thrives in a place renders it sacred.